Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

SharePoint 2010: Early look on Validation Settings

In SharePoint 2010, a new setting point in List and Library settings is available. This point is called "Validation settings". Validation settings will be very missed in SharePoint 2007, because there wasn't a way to avoid such easy and daily business related things like dates in the past etc. It seems that this will be worked with SharePoint 2010, but how the feature looks like? In the pre-beta version of SP2010 I work with, you can buil expresions like in calculated columns. I tried the following expression:

Now I tried to created a new task in my task list with validation settings. The due day I set was in the past.

And, there's the trick, I wasn't able to save the task! Ok, in this version I don't get the message that was set up in the validation settings, but seems it works! Validation isn't the newest feature at all, but hey, it's reeeeaaly usefull!



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