Samstag, 17. Oktober 2009

Nintex Workflow 2007 Best Practice: Notifications by Workflow Error

This is the firts post in the "Nintex Workflow 2007 Best Practice" series I would like write down. Create an deploy workflows with Nintex Workflow would be very easy and quickliy to do, but there are some points you better have to consider before you let your users playing with a productiv workflow. One of these points ist the notification setting by Workflow error. By default, the workflow initiator will get a email if a workflow crashs. The initiator as an unmindfull enduser often will be courios and scared by automatically sent Error Emails from a system. As an administrator, you can prefend your needy users from this situation with a simple setting.
Switch to the "Message Template" settings on SharePoint site levels. Here you will find the following options:

I don't think I've to explain the settings for this. Pherhaps this settings will be overlooked so often because there are only to find on site level, not in Central Administration...



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