Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

Nintex and 2010: Early preview

Beside all the new SharePoint 2010 stuff, let's talk a round about Nintex and what they will do 2010. At first: All the happy Nintex Workflow 2007 users can continuing be happy in 2010!!! Nintex will offer

As new innovation and features for Nintex Workflow 2010 is listed

  • Full support for new workflow capabilities in the SharePoint Server 2010 platform, including reusable workflows, site workflows, content type workflows, and a number of new custom actions.

  •  A revamped browser-based user interface that takes full advantage of the new SharePoint 2010 Fluent UI user experience.

  •  Investments in workflow forms design, including expanded support for both ASP.NET forms and Microsoft Office InfoPath 2010.

  •  More options for managing and securing the workflow design, communication, approval, testing, and deployment process.

  •  Compatibility with Microsoft-published workflow tools, including the ability to import and extend workflows authored using Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 and/or Microsoft Office Visio 2010, plus the ability to export workflows to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 as workflow code projects.

  •  The ability to analyze, report on, and monitor alerts on workflow metadata across multiple lists, sites, site collections, web applications, and entire farms.
Ok, sounds nice, but don't forget Nintex Reporting 2008? What will happend with this? It will survied, but with a new name and logo: Nintex Analytics 2010!!!

But that isn't enough!!! A third new products for compliance and records management join the arsenal of Nintex 2010 suites! Nintex Compilance Suite!!
  • Inventory and analyze all document, page, and list data for growth, usage, and creation/edit patterns
  • Identify social networking patterns and power users
  • Monitor service application usage (Business Connectivity Services, Search, etc.)
  • View, design, and manage rich reports, all within the familiar SharePoint site interface
  • Collect, manage, and query information from multiple sources using data warehousing technology

  • Easily classify, group, navigate, maintain, and analyze content based on taxonomy rules
  • SharePoint-based management of both electronic and physical records
  • Support for multiple input, output, and storage methods
  • Standards-specific editions to meet different sets of requirements
All Nintex fans will have an exciting future, I think. More details will be available in the next weeks and months. If you can't wait for the final release you can subscribe to a Beta program.

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