Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

SharePoint 2010: Early look at List settings

Today, while playing with SharePoint 2010, I click on the list settings from the Shared Documents Lib out of habit. And, out of habit, too, I staring on the screen without realy reading it. At this early version of SharePoint 2010, the list settings aren't much diffrent from the 2007 settings, at the first look at least. But than I found several new setting points, wich seems to be intresting.

As you can find out on the picture above, this points are:

  1. Validation settings
  2. Column default value settings
  3. Rating settings
  4. Metadata navigation settings
  5. Per-location view settings
  6. Generate file plan report
Enhanced Validation settings, Ratings, Per-location view settings and hierachies with Metadata navigation settings???? Wow, sounds like realy cool stuff! I would like to check these new seeting in the next days and make more reports.



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