Donnerstag, 19. November 2009

SharePoint and Nintex Workflow 2007: New database server

What's to do if you have to change the a database server in an existing SharePoint Farm for a new one? And what's happening with existing Nintex Workflow 2007 installations?
To exchange the database server used by SharePoint, you habe to do the following steps:

  1. Make a full backup via SharePoint Central Administration.
  2. Use the "SharePoint Products and Technologie Configuration Wizard" to disjoin every single SharePoint Server from the SharePoint farm.
  3. Use the "SharePoint Products and Technologie Configuration Wizard" to create a NEW farm (wich means you create a new SharePoint Configuration database) and take the new database server for configuration settings.Join every single Server to the SharePoint farm.
  4. Restore the full backup via CentralAdministration in the SharePoint Farm.
After this steps, your SharePoint farm use a new database server and should contain the old content and functionality. But what's with the Nintex Workflow databases? Contains the full backup the databases? Can you turn off the old database server? NO!!! You can't! Nintex Databases aren't include in a SharePoint backup, you have to transfer them to the new Database Server manuallly, p.e. with a database backup and restore.

After this, you have to update the internal reference of the Content DBs to the new server. This you can do with the nwadmin tool. You find this tool under the path C:\Program Files\Nintex\Nintex Workflow 2007\ in standard installations.
You have to run the following command line:

NWAdmin.exe -o UpdateContentDatabase -serverName serverName [-databaseName databaseName] [-newServerName newServerName] [-newDatabaseName newDatabaseName] [-integrated

-username username -password password]
Run this command line in the cmd and replace the parameters with you own values. After runing this command line, the references of your Nintex Databases will be updated.
Further information about UpdateContentDatabase operation with all parameters or and other nwadmin operations you can find in this pdf.

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