Sonntag, 15. November 2009

Early look: Site Quotas in SharePoint 2010

omething is happend with the quotas in SharePoint 2010!! And it seems to be good! You can configure your quotas in the Central Administration (Mange Web Applications), nothing new so far. But with the firt look at the screen, your responsible administrators heart jumps up and down in pleasure:

Take one piece more control about the developers!!! SharePoint 2010 has a points system for solutions running on a site. Each solution deployed for a site has certain points in this rating system and you as administrator can get the control about this rating! So you can prevent your farm to going down or has low performance because of to many and to hungry solutions. Visual solutions like special WebParts shows only a warning message if the per day limit is reached. Find out more about solutions in the blog entries from Paul Stubbs and Thorsten Hans.

The second cool new thing about quotas in SharePoint 2010 is: See it visual in "Storage Space Allocation" settings! With this settings in the Site Collection Administration settings, you can check the storage usage and storage allocation of a website collection.

Ok, it's not a special "Pimp Quotas" feature, but if you set restrictions, you mostly want to check the status, want not?! This is the point why this setting makes the life of admins better, which have worked with quotas before: Now, they easily can see, where the disk space is used for, before it is to late! Did you see the views for the storage usage list at the left? Cool stuff...!



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