Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

SharePoint Server 2010: Error by creating a Enterprise Search Center


do you try to create a enterprise search center? 

 Do you get this not very significant error message back?

Don't panic, this error isn't as bad as it's looks like. After a short look in the SharePoint Logs you find the solution for this. There is this entry in the log file:

"Publishing Feature activation failed. Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: The SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature must be activated at the site collection level before the Publishing feature can be activated."
The solution: The enterprise search center needs the publishing infrastructure feature on site level. But before the enterprise search center can use an activate this feature, the feature must be allowed by activating on site collection level.

 After you activate the feature on site collection level, you can create a enterprise search center without any problems or error messages.




  1. Awesome, thank you for the tip! Worked like a charm.

  2. Excellent Information!! Why can't MS post that on the error screen?!